We know what you’re thinking…what exactly is wellness coaching? The best way to explain what we are is by starting off with what we are not. We are NOT personal trainers, dietitians, or medical doctors. We are coaches, and by that, we mean we help “coach” you through behavior changes.

Still confused? Basically, we help our clients create a vision of who they want to be and how they want to feel and help guide them throughout their journey. We use a technique known as motivational interviewing, which is very client focused (you create your own goals/ambitions rather than us telling you what to do). You want to know what’s even more awesome? Research has proven this technique to be extremely successful in long term sustained behavior change. SO…..if you are sick of all of the quick fixes and gimmicks, Smart Fit Chicks is the answer for you. Oh and did we mention…we are web-based. We work with clients all over the U.S. (we’re open to outside the U.S., it just hasn’t happened yet) so regardless of where you live or what time zone you are on, we can work with you!

Coaching Packages:

One Month Coaching: This package includes an initial wellvision coaching meeting, a one month exercise prescription, and a one month follow up. We typically recommend this package for previous clients who want to revisit their goals and update their fitness routine. Cost: $150

Three Month Coaching-Basic: This package includes an initial wellvision coaching meeting, a nutritional consultation, and a monthly virtual meeting (i.e. skype) where clients will receive a new exercise prescription and wellness assessment each month. Clients will have the option of meeting with their coaches bi-weekly via Skype or phone OR they can participate in weekly email check-ins. This package is recommended for individuals who have a high level of internal motivation and are less dependent on accountability from a coach. Cost: $360

Three Month Coaching-Premium: The premium package includes an initial wellvision coaching meeting as well as a monthly virtual coaching session (e.g. skype) where the client will receive a new exercise prescription, nutritional advice, and behavior change modification strategies. Additionally, clients will participate in weekly coaching email check-ins AND bi-weekly Skype/phone meetings to ensure sustained behavior changes, offer questions/tips of advice, and provide additionally accountability. We recommend this package for individuals who prefer more contact with and accountability from their coach. Cost: $510

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